How does Caveat Emptor apply?

Answer: Caveat Emptor.  Buyer Beware.  When someone buys a car, they can research the vehicle, read reviews, as well as test-drive that car before they purchase.  Death does not allow for that ‘test it out first’ type of shopping.  In fact, it is written in legislation that the funeral industry is not permitted to work by the philosophy of Caveat Emptor.  With one internet search, you can find articles speaking of the unscrupulous nature of funeral directors.  The reality of the situation is that, like any industry, there are always some immoral individuals. However, the vast majority of funeral homes will do whatever is possible to meet the needs of grieving families. Funeral directors are required to explain everything to a family, knowing that families are often unfamiliar with the industry. As such, Caveat Emptor does not and cannot apply in the funeral industry.