When is a Medical Examiner required?

Answer: In most cases, the attending physician is able to provide the documentation required after a death occurs.  In some cases, a Medical Examiner (M.E.) is required.  These cases include accidents, unnatural, violent, unexplained, or unexpected deaths.  Other situations include if the death is due to negligence, if the deceased was in custody, if the death occurred within 10 days of an operation, if the deceased was under anesthesia or recovering from anesthesia, or if the death is occupationally related.  There are several more specific circumstances that require a M.E.’s attention. In the event that an M.E. is required, they will examine the deceased to find a reason for the death and notify the family when any results are found.  At any point, the M.E. may authorize an autopsy without requiring prior consent from the family of the deceased.