Who is the funeral service for?

Answer: Contrary to popular belief, the funeral is not for the deceased but rather in honour of the deceased. The funeral is truly for the bereaved that are left behind to find a new identity without the deceased in their life.  It encourages the family, in an organized way, to express their feelings of loss, helplessness, and loneliness while allowing the community to show it’s support and share the sorrow that the family is experiencing.  Many people today wish to spare their family the hassle and expense of a funeral and simply ask that one not be held for them.  What is often overlooked is what the needs of their family will be once the death occurs. By removing the ability to have a funeral, the bereaved may be left with no acknowledgement of this major change in their life.  It is important that a very open discussion is held with your family to discuss what they will need when planning your funeral arrangement.