Edu-Therapy™ Program

Grief is the normal human response to loss. Unfortunately there is little information on how to resolve the intense conflicting emotions caused by life events.

Edu-Therapy™ Grief Resolution is an easy to use model that reduces and eliminates intense uncomfortable emotional responses to loss, trauma, and abuse.

Each session is a 4 week, 8 day course. It will run Monday and Thursday nights from 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Please call to register. 


Wheatland Funeral Home

$75.00 to the families we’ve had the honour to serve, for

  • the spouse or children of a deceased person, or
  • the parents and siblings of a deceased child.

Otherwise, $200.00* for the eight session, four week program.

If you would like to attend the sessions but the fee is a barrier for you, please contact us.

* We, as a funeral home, will never garner any profit from this program. Any fees collected will go towards materials and expenses, and should there be a surplus, it will be donated to a local charity.

Pre-registration is required to attend the sessions. Enrollment is limited.

To register call: 403-934-4404
Or email:

One-on-one sessions are also available. For more information, contact a Certified Edu-Therapy Specialist:
Lynn Van Bussel – 403-934-5667

More about the program

Grief: The Definition

Simply defined, grief is the normal and natural human reaction to significant emotional loss of any kind. Many societies compare losses in an attempt to minimize pain. This never resolves intense emotional pain and often creates further loss and isolation, negatively affecting many other relationships. Death and divorce are obvious painful losses. Our list also includes many others; retirement, moving, pet loss, financial and health issues, among them.

Every relationship is unique, so are the feelings and thoughts each person will have about the relationship that has been altered or changed by death, divorce, or for other reasons.

The Problem

We don’t grieve well, often information passed on within our culture or society about dealing with grief is not helpful.

  • You do not grieve well, because nobody knew how to teach you.
  • You may be stuck in all the pain of your conflicting emotions and dealing with multiple losses.
  • You may find yourself often wishing things could be different or better in living relationships

Talking is Not Enough

Your heart knows that talking is not enough. How many times have you talked about what happened? How is it that you still don’t feel any better? The secret to healing is resolving those painful emotions.

Healing Naturally

Learn about:

  • The dysfunctional ways grief is often handled.
  • How mishandled grief leads to pain and conflicting emotions
  • How listening to our heads, rather than our hearts, causes emotional damage
  • Why the concept of “Stages of Grief” isn’t helpful in resolving your grief and loss.

Healing Your Heart and Enhancing Your Relationships

Unique tools for identifying and resolving loss, and the emotional issues of all types of abuse and trauma. You can use these tools over and over again throughout your lifetime.

Skills and a process to keep current with resolving each new loss in your life allowing you to participate more fully in current relationships and your life in general.

The Solution

Resolution from loss is accomplished by discovering and completing all of the undelivered communications that accrue in relationships. We are all advised to “Let Go,” and “Move On,” after losses of all kinds. Most of us would do that if we knew how.

Resolution of pain caused by loss or conflict is what allows us to “Let Go” and “Move On”. It is almost impossible to Move On without first taking a series of actions that lead to resolution.
Before taking the actions to resolve, it is important to look at, and often dismiss, some of the ideas and behaviors that we have tried to use with loss but have not worked well.

Edu-Therapy™ Actions

The rapidly paced Edu-Therapy™ Program creates the safety and the correct action choices that help people move beyond and resolve the pain caused by loss. It is an eight session program that will teach you a way to reduce and eliminate the intense, uncomfortable emotional responses to loss, trauma and abuse. It is the most effective process available to resolve the pain caused by the conflicting emotions of a meaningful loss and incorporates the potential to greatly enhance our living relationships.

Why I Offer This Program

I believe that many people suffer unneeded pain because they are unable to resolve the overwhelming emotions in our lives caused by crises.

My first, most painful loss, was the death of my full term infant son. Then, along with my mother, I was a care-giver for my father after his stroke, through his recovery, and then other illnesses resulting in his death. I journeyed with my mother through her grieving process. Her death occurred a number of years later. With my husband, I also cared for both his father and his mother through their illnesses, griefs and deaths. 

Mixed in along my path has been all the life-changing events that carry emotional weight; moving, children leaving home, their marriages, trust issues, and relationship issues with siblings and others. All have increased my awareness of how deeply I am impacted by events both within and beyond my control.

Edu-therapy has given me a tool to “resolve the pain” of all the losses, past and current. Grief is a natural human response to significant loss. Learning how to deal with the intense emotions surrounding grief is an important step that gives me the freedom to “simply grieve”.

-Lynn Van Bussel