Michael Jozef Van den Broeck

Michael “Mike” Van den Broeck passed away peacefully on August 16, 2022, succumbing to cancer. He was born October 12, 1948, to his parents Emil and Octavia in Olen, Belgium, the youngest of seven children. All have predeceased him. His wife Diane predeceased him before he came to Canada. His son Timmy survives him.

Mike experienced many challenges in his life and multiple health issues, especially the last thirty-three years. He was a Belgium military veteran from the Congo Uprising, serving in 1965. Returning from the conflict, he commenced a trucking business in Belgium with a truck body and a pup, putting in long hours.

He was a gifted and hard-working heavy-duty mechanic. He was pleased that people would comment that if Mike couldn’t fix it, nobody could! As he said very recently, he wanted to help people.

A graveside service will take place on Tuesday, October 4, 2022, at Standard Cemetery at 11:00 am.