Lila Marie Aschenbrenner

Lila Aschenbrenner passed away September 28, 2022, surrounded by family. She was survived by her beloved life-partner, Gilles Levesque; three sons Brent (Lynette), Barry (Winny), and Brad (Jill); her seven dearest grandchildren, Carter, Mckenzie, Hayley, Mitchell, Michelle, Matthew, and Jared; and her cherished dog, Missy.

Lila was known for being a fun-loving, witty, and humourous mother and grandmother. She always enjoyed spending time with family and friends. Lila had a life-long love of animals; everywhere she went she was accompanied by a pet. She was a wonderful cook and loved to cook for others and share recipes.

Lila always loved the ocean and lived on Vancouver Island for many years. It was always her dream to go back.