Kathleen Murphy

Obituary of Kathleen Murphy

June 13,1928-Jan 15, 2021

Mom was born on June 13, 1928 in Assinboia SK. Her parents were from England and moved to Canada as pioneers to break the land and set up a family farm. Kathleen was the fourth of five children. Mom would often recount stories of life on the Farm, without central heating and plumbing, the things we all take for granted today. She had a true love for farm life and the big sky of the prairies. She also had a great deal of love for nature and animals, especially cats. She travelled around Canada in her single days, living in various provinces and continued to move around once married.

Our mom was a beautiful person both inside and out. She was the most cheerful, optimistic and happy woman. She was always very content with the simple things in life. A glass of wine on the deck, her little paradise, and surrounded by chirping birds moving through the abundance of trees were some of her favourite things in life. Spending time with family brought her great joy, laughter and happiness. We will always deeply treasure these moments.

Kathleen was survived by her four children, Susan (Darren) Adrian, Glenn Murphy, Daniel (Carrie) Murphy, Maureen (Shawn) Elson; five grandchildren, Amy, Alissa, Ashley, Allen, Katrina; and three great grandchildren, Adrian, Asher, Ayva.

None of our lives will be the same without her but we have so many fond memories to reflect upon in times of sadness and sorrow. She was beyond special.

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