Wendy Daigle

Obituary of Wendy Lee Daigle

September 8, 1957 - December 18, 2021

A beloved mother and grandmother, a loving sister and friend.

Wendy passed away peacefully on December 18, 2021 in the Strathmore Hospital with her family by her side.

Wendy will be remembered, missed and loved by all her surviving family and friends, husband, Brian; children, Jennifer (Jayde),  Jordan and Breanne; sister, Colleen; brothers, Bob and Kristi, Vivianne and Gordon; in-laws, Ron and Chris, Glenn and Tara, Wendy and Guy; as well as all of her nieces and nephews, Trevor and Lisa, Christopher and Michael, Jayden, David and Christine, Laura and Robynn, Rachel, Brittany and Jeremie, Amanda and Jessie and most of all her grandchildren, Izabelle, William, Gabriel, Jaxon, Gannon, Annabelle and Meadow.

Wendy touched the lives of many people, both far and near. In our hearts we will dearly miss her here.

Wendy was predeceased by her mother, Rowena; brother, Glenn; and most importantly her dearest brother-in-law and lifetime friend, Wayne.

Wendy was born in Calgary to her parents, Rowena and Robert; she was the youngest of four siblings. A bouncing baby girl with the brightest blue eyes and blonde curls.

They lived out many of her younger years in the old army barracks, then later moving into the community of Bowness, where they lived and went to school. Wendy got her first job at the laundromat in Bowness, which was also the place her husband, Brian spotted her for the very first time. They didn’t meet until many years later and they did it wasn’t long before they were married. They spent five years enjoying their newfound love, hosting Halloween parties and travelling to the coast enjoying a taste of the ocean and visiting family. They worked hard to buy their first home, and then they settled down and decided to have children. Wendy worked most of her life at Alcan-Engineering (38 years). Along the way she made many close friends at her job, Joanne, Lauren, Shelly, Andy, Paul, Daniel and many more.

Wendy left her home and job in Calgary behind to move out to Gleichen to be with her daughter and grandkids in about 2016. It was a big change for her and Brian, but slowly they started to feel at home in the small town. Wendy got job at the grain elevator in town and she worked there for three years and made a good friend in Celena.

Wendy was diagnosed with lung cancer in the spring of 2021. A strong woman like Wendy had decided she was going to fight as long and as hard as she could. She fought to the very end. Wendy was a loving and supportive mother all the way through her battle, doing her best to comfort her loved ones that it would be ok.

A Mothers Love

The brightest star in the dark of night,
the light in my heart when things weren’t right,
a mother’s love is a guiding hand and
a strength that cannot be matched.

I’ll never hear my mom tell me how beautiful
I am, so pure, so honest, so kind.
When my mom got sick I wondered how could
I live without her, so I asked her. She held my
hand with loving eyes and told me, baby
don’t cry, I have taught you everything I know,
and you will survive, she said as I held her
newest grandchild, just on day old, Jen cherish
these moments, they are so precious.

A mother holds her children’s hands for just a
little while, but she holds their hearts forever.

When I look at my daughter I will always
remember my mom, small in size, but big in
heart and personality.

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