Michael Denne-Smith

Obituary of Michael Denne-Smith

Michael Denne-Smith (AKA Mike, Mikey, Spike, Rad-man, and Smurf), passed away peacefully at the Strathmore Hospital on April 7, 2023, 3:10 am, trying to hold out until the 4:20, just 3 days before his 65th birthday. Mike is survived by his loving wife, Lynn Denne-Smith and lovingly remembered by his daughter Angie Boyd nee Denne-smith (Kevin), his son Michael Denne-Smith (Tiffany), and all of his step children Tina, Norm, Adam, Travis and Timothy; his grandchildren Jesse, Alexis, Mathew, Brayden, Bailey, Dayton, Tessa, Tyson and Quinn.

Mike was born in Lillooet B.C. and “hung his hat” in many towns throughout British Columbia and Alberta. He met his lovely wife, Lynn, in Strathmore and they have been married for 19 years, (3rd time IS the charm). He specialized in automotive engine coolant system, and could often be found under the hood of a vehicle. He is well known at the “Green” and at the “Eddie” and right till the end had a great support system and good friends who stepped up and supported him and Lynn through this difficult time.

Mike fought a good battle against his terminal cancer diagnosis, and right up until his last day on earth he was stubborn, doing things “his way or the highway” and giving the nurses a run for their money. On his final day, Mike went out just how he lived spending time with his family, drinking a double-double for breakfast, an iced cap with lunch and he watched the Toronto Blue Jays win against the Kansas City Royals while drinking a beer, flipping off all the “looky loos” who walked by his room.

Mike left a message for all his surviving family and his buddy’s before he left “When I pass, please don’t cry for me. Instead, celebrate me and my life. It’s been a good life. My wife, Lynn, my family and great friends have impacted my life and have made it so much more. Don’t morn my death, celebrate my life and the fact that I survived not only the 70’s but the 90’s as well, made all the way to 2023.”

In leu of flowers, donations can be made to Mike’s charity of choice, Alberta Kids Cancer Care, Mike has participated in a number of head shave events and has raised around $6000 himself for this charity.

The family has decided to hold off on Mike’s celebration of life until the weather is better, and a party can be planned in true Mikey style. Details will be posted closer to the date. Thank you all for the love and support.

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